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Dove Pink Beauty Bar has a delicate blush hue that adds a touch of color to your bathroom. Formulated with their ¼ moisturizing cream, this revitalizing but gentle cleanser leaves skin feeling soft and smooth.
660.00৳ 770.00৳
Dove Original Beauty Cream Bar combines a gentle cleansing formula with their signature ¼ moisturizing cream to give you soft, smooth, and healthy-looking skin.
230.00৳ 270.00৳
In 1768, the fragrance Eau de Cologne Imperial Russe was presented to Russian Empress Catherine the Great. The signature black and red "badge" at the center of each bar lasts down to the last sliver of soap.
660.00৳ 780.00৳
Dove Purely Pampering Shea Butter Beauty Cream Bar is infused with a rich blend of this nourishing butter; the formula nourishes skin with deep moisture as you cleanse, leaving it feeling silky-smooth and softened.
360.00৳ 430.00৳
Enriched with Vitamin E for sensitive skin, Imperial Leather’s Gentle Care bar has a rich, creamy lather and a gentle fragrance that cleans and cares for all the family’s skin.
699.00৳ 780.00৳
270.00৳ 310.00৳